The Illuma difference

While our services and customer base has grown over the years, what we believe in remains the same. At Illuma Electrical Group we understand that to be a truly trusted and valued service, it’s as much about the integrity of our actions as it is the reliability of our service and the performance of our work.


Acting with integrity is about respect for our customers and dedication in serving them. It's about honesty and transparency and doing what we say we will do. We act with integrity by providing unbiased recommendations, fair transactions and after-service care.


From initial enquiry to project completion and beyond, we provide expert service that's friendly and efficient. We work hard on-site to solve our customers' every need, communicating when necessary along the way.


Achieving and exceeding quality benchmarks on all our projects is a matter of pride. We accept challenge with vigour and find appropriate solutions that comply with safety and regulatory standards.


David, Director.

David Lipinski is the founder of Illuma Electrical Group. He started his electrical career specialising in PV solar systems,

After completing his apprenticeship, he started his business doing general electrical domestic and commercial work. after a few years the calling for solar and battery installation was inevitable.

David successfully completed an on grid and off grid battery certification, he also gained his solar retailer’s license for the buisness.

David’s refined project delivery skills, ability to lead a team and forge enduring customer relations have augmented Illuma’s success in the industry. 

David is known for his dynamic approach to problem solving and meticulous attention to detail that guarantee quality, tangible outcomes. 

Bill, Sales Manager.

Bill is regarded as the elder statesman in our team. He has been in the renewable industry, specifically solar and battery storage, for 15 years.

This includes senior positions with state and national brand solar companies.

Whilst holding a master’s degree in Marketing, he believes in a no-nonsense approach with helping our customers.

He jokes that he is too old for bull s..t and that the customers love that. Obviously, his knowledge and advice when recommending solutions to new clients is a key advantage. He is insistent on only utilising high-quality equipment and components. By the way, the team are not convinced that he is too old for bull s..t. Old, yes 😊

Luke, Team Leader.

Luke has many years of experience in commercial, domestic, communication, installations and maintenance in high rise buildings, shopping centers, data centers and electrical fit outs.

Luke shows a very strong work ethic to complete projects in an efficient and satisfactory manner with passion for the industry, he will go the extra mile to satisfy the client’s needs.

In his spare time Luke enjoys spending time with family, friends and his pet dog, he also enjoys sports like football and soccer.

Luke is also excellent with his reliability and ability to problem solve in the projects he participates in he takes pride in the cleanliness of the tasks he completes he is also excited about his future and journey with Illuma Electrical Group.

Elijah, Apprentice

Elijah started his electrical career with Illuma Electrical Group as an enthusiastic first year apprentice,

he has maintained that yearning for growth since.

With a strong love for knowledge and problem solving, Elijah is improving his skills and workmanship in the electrical field by the day.

Elijah is constantly challenging himself to undertake new tasks, whilst developing an increased level of electrical related skills.

His unmatched level of attention to detail and cleanliness is constantly demonstrated in his work and appreciated by clients.

He looks forward to his future with the team and new limits he will be able to reach.